Australian Cricketing legend, Adam Gilchrist has said that what he prefers to do over the weekend, is to enjoy pizza with his kids, and claims he can cook a decent meal as well.

The cricketer was in an interview recently, where he answered many questions on things bordering outside the cricket world, what he enjoys doing, his party lifestyle and a host of others.

Gilchrist was of the notion that he likes partying in Bandra whenever he comes into Mumbai, while on Friday nights, he prefers to spend the time in his home, eating pizzas made at home with his kids.

When asked if he could cook a five course meal, sandwich, boil water or if he even knows how the gas works, Gilchrist replied saying that he of course knew how the gas works but while he may not be able to prepare a five-course meal, he has enough skills to put a decent meal together.

He was also asked about his weekend and what he prefers to do, be it working out, or just exercise or go easy to which he replied saying, he wouldn’t mind going easy, but could think up working out if he has enough time on his side.

He also mentioned that he doesn’t have a strict diet that he follows religiously, but he’s okay with any diet as long as it is okay, reasonable and within limits. This was when he was asked if he goes on salad and grilled chicken or cheese/chocolate during the weekends.

When asked if he prefers to dine out, order in or prepare a meal on the weekends, Gilchrist replied saying,

“On weekends, we like to dine out as a family. Given the busy schedule of the kids, it’s a good idea. Friday nights are spent at home, with homemade pizzas.”